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Empowering Trans Teens
Support Group


Navigating the path of adolescence is challenging enough, and for transgender teens, the journey can bring unique joys and struggles. We've created a safe and affirming space where transgender teens can come together to share experiences, find understanding, and build a supportive community.

Values & Goals

- Inclusivity

- Psychoeducation

- Mentorship & Guidance

- Pyschoeducation

- Confidentiality & Safety

- Understanding and Empathy

Whether you're seeking friendship, advice, or a supportive community to share your joys and challenges, Empowering Trans Teens is here for you. Join us to connect with other transgender teens, celebrate your authentic self, and build a support network of people who truly understand. Together, we create a community that uplifts, inspires, and supports each other on the journey to self-discovery and acceptance. Welcome to Empowering Trans Teens - where you belong!

The support group will be $35 per session and there is a 4 session commitment to ensure the groups are close-knit. It is a group created by myself and Dr. Jennifer Bailey. 
Please include name & age of your child in the form below then I will contact you to schedule a screener
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