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What Is Mental Health Coaching?

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We'll work together to determine what you want to achieve. It can be related to your family life (e.g., learning more about LGBTQ issues), your wellness (e.g., working on your physical and mental wellbeing), or your social life (e.g., improving relationships with friends, significant others, or family).

Therapy Session


We will collaborate to determine what your goals are. I will be here to support and collaborate with you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. These goals and this process are different for everyone and we'll make sure the work we do fits you.

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We don't exist in a vacuum; our challenges come from the world around us. We will develop an understanding of how societal expectations impact your life. Then we will work together to learn new ways of experiencing the world to live a more fulfilled life. 


What concerns do you work with?

I am able to work with a variety of concerns, but those that are most common are identity concerns, anxiety, depression, body-image concerns, work-related concerns, social anxiety, and relationship issues. This is something we can discuss in our consultation and if I am not the best fit for you I am happy to refer you to someone who is!

Therapy vs Coaching

Coaching and therapy are similar but are not the same. I work with my clients to ensure that we are being solution-focused to create goals that are aligned with your objectives. We won't work on trauma or spend a lot of time in the past, but on present and future goals that you define for yourself. 

What if I don't know my goals?

We can come up with those together based on what brought you to me to begin with. For example, if you came to me because you're having trouble at work then we can come up with some goals related to work. If you came to me becuase of trouble in relationships we can develop some goals focused on social life. 

What does a typical session look like?

A session with me is about 60 minutes and we can do it in-person or via zoom. I am also able to work with you in the real world over nature walks, or through small real-world exposures that may be a good fit for you depending upon your goals or treatment plan. We want to work together in whatever way is most helpful to you.

How do I get started?

Fill out the consultation form below and we will schedule a time that works for you to connect with me. Finding a good fit between you and your mental health professional is important, and I want you to be confident in your choice. 

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